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We analyze years of financial statements, earning calls, news articles and much more

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Gain deep insights into companies with AI-powered reports covering financials, news, and industry trends.

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Access condensed information equivalent to reading two million words – or 28 books in minutes, saving you infinite hours.

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Find hidden gems uncovered by the large players

Our reports go far beyond the S&P 500, because that’s where you look for ten baggers

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Each report is created by reading the equivalent of 28 books

We want you to make the best decisions about your investments, so we read years worth of earnings call transcripts, news, financial statements, proxy statements, stock trade prices and volumes, competitor info to make sure we give you the best insights.

Invest like legendary investors

We identify key signals that have been the hallmark of the likes of Warren Buffet: a durable competitive advantage, good management that is shareholder friendly, and decent valuations

Access insights previously exclusive to hedge funds

Get insights from insider trading, executive compensation, company news, competitor intel, financial reporting, proxy statements, trading volumes all aggregated into highly consumable reports.

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